How to get a list of all your facebook friends

Have you ever found yourself needing a list of all your friends on Facebook? Maybe it’s for a direct sales company project or an invitation list of some sort.  Either way its way to daunting to sit there and copy all the names one by one.

The easiest way to find names is to download the data right from Facebook!

You will need

  • Your computer
  • Your Facebook password
  • Access to the email you use to log into Facebook.
  • An unzipper program like ZipItFree

  1. Navigate to your Facebook page.
  2. Click the down arrow in the blue bar, on the top right of the screen. facebookdropdown
  3. Select Settings. settings
  4. This will bring you to your General Settings page. On this page, you will want to click “download a copy of your Facebook data.”Screenshot 2016-04-10 16.47.11 (2)
  5. On the next page, simply click green button, “Start My Archive”downloadyourinformation
  6. Re-enter your password. And select “Start My Archive” button again.
  7. Facebook first has to compile all the information. This will take longer for people who have a ton of Facebook data.
  8. You will get two emails to the one you use to log into Facebook. One email telling you they are getting it ready and one that tells you its done.
  9. Go to your email website and open up the email “Your Facebook download is ready.” There will be one link in this email, click on it.
  10. You’ll be redirected back to Facebook and this time, the green button will say “Download Archive”
  11. Click the green button and then re-enter your password for Facebook again.  Now your archive is downloading. You should see it on the bottom of your browser screen.downloadarchive *If you don’t see the zip file on the bottom of your screen – hold CTRL-J while you are on that screen to pull up recently downloaded items.
  12. Click the Zip file that you just downloaded. It should say facebook-‘yourname”.zip. This will open up a unzipper if you have one.  If you don’t have a unzipper you can get one here for free:  ZipItFree
  13. Now you want to extract all the files into a folder you can easily find. ZipItFree extracts into the ‘yourusername’/downloads folder automatically if you don’t move the folder anywhere. Normally it will ask if you want to open up the file right after you extract it, but make note of where it is if you want to go back to the information later.
  14. The folder you have downloaded will be called “HTML.” If you clicked “odownloadhtmlpen folder” after everything was extracted go to the “HTML” folder in the ‘yourusername’/downloads/html. Everything in this folder is your Facebook data.
  15. Since we just want to look at the friends, double click the friends.htm file. This will bring up your default browser with an easy list of all your Friends From Facebook!.

You can hold CTRL-P to print this page or highlight everything and paste into a program like excel or Google Sheets to sort.

Comment below why you need your list or if you need further help. Thanks!

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