How to print pictures on Pinterest Boards with only Images

How to Print Pinterest Boards with the Images Only!

Every time I googled “Print Pinterest Board” all I could find was how to extract a Pinterest board to a PDF and then print the PDF. When I would print one of those images, the text was overlapping and it didn’t look that great. All I really needed was just the images so I had to figure out a different way.

As I originally created this Pinterest board for an artist who needed inspiration, I doubted she needed to know what the image information was or where I was yanking her new material from (all the extra text on the bottom).  I just wanted the images printed and this is how I figured out how to actually do that:

Equipment needed:

Desktop Computer

Mozilla Firefox

2018 edit: You cannot “save as” using Google Chrome anymore and get the website information, you must use Mozilla Firefox

Open the board you wish to have the images printed from.

This is the board I used: Follow Randi’s board Angels for Sandy on Pinterest

Right-click anywhere on the page that is blank.  The key here is to save the whole web page, not just one image. The white space by the board title and description is a good place.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 10.47.50 (2)

Save As. Save in a folder that you can remember and open up right away. The default name of the file is “Pinterest_files”

I just saved mine onto the desktop. It automatically created a folder with all the files of the Pinterest page you just saved.

Find the folder you just created and open it.

These will be the images of the pins; hold ctrl and left-click on the images you want to print (Look at each picture carefully! When you saved the HTML file earlier, you download the whole page and this downloaded all the background information)

Screenshot 2016-05-18 11.33.53 (2)

Right-click on one of the photos then select print.

Select a layout of how many pictures of the pins you want to display on each page

Screenshot 2016-05-18 12.03.28 (2)

Press print and you now have a hard copy of only the images.

Now you have a no PDF way to print Pinterest boards that look nice and without all the text 🙂

Print Pinterest boards with only images
13 thoughts on “Print Pinterest Boards Images Only!”
  1. Sorry, I can’t get this to work…there’s no command to Save As when clicking in white space on the Pinterest page

  2. hello, i manage to save the picture and print it. do you know how i can make a full page and still keep the same image quality ? they are all small and when i zoom in the picture isnt as nice anymore.

    thankyou !

    1. Hello Julian, if you want full images resolution you will have to click the link to the pictures on Pinterest. Then download from the original site it was pinned from.

  3. Hello! Useful article but I can’t get it to work – when you ‘save as’ in Mozilla do you select ‘Web Page HTML only’ or ‘Web page HTML complete’ – for me the first one comes up with an error when I try to open it saying the page can’t be found and the later is basically exactly the same as the pintrest page – with no ability to print.

  4. This doesn’t work for me. It only downloads a small portion of the photos. I have 99 pins on one board and it is only downloading 16 of them. Any workaround?

  5. Hi there – I followed along and was able to save as All Files, but that save an html link on my desktop and not a folder with images as you’ve shown. Is this because I’m using a mac? Amy advice? Thanks so much C

  6. Hi There – I was able to follow along exactly and using Mozilla. I can get to “save as All Files”, but that creates an html link page on my desktop and not a folder of images as you showed. Is this because I’m using a mac? Any advice?

    thanks so much

  7. FYI, at least in Chrome, saving the page as a webpage seems to skip over some of the images (with no hint that it’s doing so).

  8. I used Chrome and it was simple and worked great. The only issue was that, even selecting “contact sheet” when the Print dialog opened, was that not all of the images I selected filled the page to be printed. I figured that as you scroll down the Pinterest board, for a bigger board, additional files are appended ? Anyway, the solution was to scroll to the section of the Pinterest board where the additional images are, and repeat the download process, but this time save to a different file name. Then simply select/copy images from that new file, and paste them into your first “Pinterest files” file where the other images you want are. Then you can select enough to fill at least one contact page in your print dialog. Hope that made sense, it really is simple once you’ve done it.

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