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Naming Internet Business Idea

Now that you know exactly what your business will be doing it’s time to boil it down into 1 or 2 keywords. If you are creating websites = website designers, or blog writing: content creation. Just think about the simplest explanation of what exactly your business is doing.

Go ahead and use your keyword in Shopify’s Business Name Generator to come up with a brand name for your business. But if you want to funnel TONS of customers to your business, add your location to your keywords. Bam! You now have your business name.​

Your name should resemble what a potential customer MIGHT search for. For example, if you are from Detroit Michigan and you need a business name for a website creation business, you could name your business “Detroit Website Designers” Adding the location of your business onto your name will boost your sales in that area based on search engine optimization alone.

Getting your business to the top of the search results without having to spend money on ads is a win situation if you ask me! Also, If you end up getting a website (which I suggest you do right away) you potentially rank very high on the search engines quickly.

One very last thing I suggest is to create a FREE login on to see if a website is available with the name you choose. Remember the shorter the better!

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