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Since I started this blog one of my old friends who I used to go to the club with just asked if I had any excellent SEO tools that I use. Well, of course, I do and I can tell you, they are all free to a certain extent. I know as a small business owner paying $100+ a month for one aspect of the business can be way too much so I always use the FREE SEO tools when I can. Here are my favorites:

Google SERP Page (Click this link to be brought to a SERP page)

If you know your base 2 to 3 keyword niche, then Google it! Look at the first page of the results. Make sure to take note of the “People also ask” section. All these questions would be tier-1 blog posts!

To find new keywords that fit your niche you can scroll down to the “Related searches for KEYWORD” and take note of all of those!

Google My Business

Google is one of the biggest databases in the world. You need to have your business information that’s under your control on that database! Doing this is almost more important than anything else in your small business. If you don’t use any other tools on this list DO THIS!

Google Analytics

Continuing with the Google trend, Google Analytics can tell you a ton about your audience and their metrics if you hook it up to your website.

Google Search Console

While the above free SEO tool from google tells you about the behavior of audiences on your site, it does not track keywords. That’s where Google Search Console comes in. This free tool from Google tells you all about the keywords that brought your traffic to your site.


This is basically a staple for anyone who writes on the internet. SEMRUSH is one of the best tools out there, and you can get tons of the tools for free.

Although its name has SEM in it, there are tons of FREE SEO tools, and even some social media tools you can use by just signing up.


This FREE SEO tool is great, especially for looking up competitors or other website stats FAST. There is also a paid version but I’ve only used it for 1 month, 1 time to check it out.


I just found this tool within the last month and let me tell you, game changer! With just the free tools I could plug in my main keyword and it gave me, new content to write PLUS new pillar pages to create to rank higher for that keyword. I haven’t gotten to the point where I have to pay for anything yet but I just wanted to use the free SEO tools for this site and it was worth it!


Ah yes, Neil Patel. I’m sure he was the first guy to pop up when I was first searching on the topic of “how to make money online.” This dude is the SEO king and his tool UberSuggest is a good free SEO tool that I use pretty frequently.

SE Ranking

I just started a free trial with this tool so I’m not sure how long the freebies will last. It looks like I get 2 weeks of some really good tools and although I haven’t used this one regularly YET, I might be using it for new clients or my other websites as well later on!


So in order to actually DO SEO, you’ll need words and content. CopyAI has free SEO tools because it helps you write your content easier than trying to come up with it all yourself. You can try Jasper.Ai as well but it only comes with 1 free trial. CopyAI lets you use free tokens or words every month.

Of course, if you don’t want to use any tools that cost money you can check out this How to Do SEO Without Spending a Penny on SEO Tools.

Thank you for taking a minute to read about the FREE SEO TOOLS that I love to use regularly as someone who does SEO, SEM & Social media almost daily. I hope that one or all of these will help your small business rank in the search engines or bring you more business!

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